1. How will my flight ticket get delivered to me?
    Ans. Your flight tickets are delivered via electronic means like emails. We do not deliver physical tickets to customers. You can get a print out of these tickets and present them to airport officials before boarding the flight.
  2. How do I reach out to cheapbusinessclassticktets via phone?
    Ans. Call at 1-800-273-1541 (Toll Free.) Our representative are available 24/7 to guide you through any problem that you are facing.
  3. How do i get additional discounts offered by this website?
    Ans. You can call on our toll free number and our representatives will inform you about all the ways through which you can make the tickets more affordable.
  4. How do i collect refund for flights?
    Ans. You have the rights to collect refunds from the airline. We do not offer refunds for flight cancellation. In case of a no-show, you will not be offered a refund.
  5. How does this website offer better prices than all other websites?
    Ans. Our extensive network within the aviation industry ensures that we get business class flights at a cheaper rate. In addition to this, we buy air tickets in bulk which further reduces the cost of each of these tickets. This cut in cost is then transferred to the customers in form of discounts and deals.
  6. Can I only book tickets for business class flights?
    Ans. We offer booking for both first class and business class. You can even contact us for economy and premium economy class even though we do not specialise in them. We will ensure that you find the best prices on every air ticket.
  7. Will I get support after i have booked my ticket?
    Yes. We believe in offering support even after customers have booked their tickets. You can call us anytime till the landing of your flight. After that you may only call us in regards to new bookings or information on refund of old ones.