Pulling out the Big Guns: Turkish Airlines

New Denon Headphones included in entertainment option on Turkish Airlines Business Class

Commitment of Turkish Airlines towards providing their customers with top notch facilities cannot be corroborated more by any other fact than, they are going to offer Denon Headphones for entertainment purposes on Business Class Flights.

Denon is at the pinnacle of providing home entertainment systems. The quality of Denon manufactured headphones will add to the mesmerizing experience provided on Turkish AIrlines Business Class. To up the ante and to beat other major players in the aviation industry can be justified as reasons for these recent changes.

Morgan Freeman as Brand Ambassador

To boost engagement with their customers, Turkish has made Hollywood’s acclaimed actor, Morgan Freeman, their new face. Morgan will represent the airline for the first time during the Super Bowl final. An advertisement at Super Bowl final with a face as celebrated as Morgan’s is likely to boost airline’s credibility as well as popularity.

The advertisement featuring Morgan will premier on February 5, 2017.Morgan is renowned for movies like “The Bucket List,””The Shawshank Redemption,”” Driving Miss Daisy” and many more. Prior to this, the airline had launched ad campaigns featuring Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant. By doing so, they had considerably augmented brand awareness in America as well as Europe.

Partnership with Panasonic Avionics Corporation

To redefine inflight entertainment, the airline has also partnered with Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Aggregating the eX1 in-flight entertainment and communication (IFEC) system into their business class facilities will definitely delight their passengers.

Along with a HD display and high fidelity audio, the airline is aiming to create a powerful ambience for passengers that enables them to soak in the comfort provided in Turkish Airlines business class. In addendum to this, passengers will also be able to watch live television and connect their smartphones with Panasonic’s entertainment system.

Turkish Airlines has been Europe’s finest and has won the accolade of best European Airline for 6 consecutive years. The award was offered by Skytrax. The airline has also received approbations for the deluge of exotic dishes and fine cuisine prepared by world renowned chefs for business class passengers. Above all, the aviation giant has also gleaned the title of “Most Valuable Brand of Turkey” for the year 2016.

Pay off

Efforts by the airline have paid off as the number of passengers sored up 2.5 percent from the previous year. 62.8 million passengers proved their affinity to the airline by travelling with them. The report released by them also stated, “the number of international business class passengers remained the same, while international-to-international transfer passengers increased by 14 percent.”

Hopefully, the airline will continue to depict its commitment towards customers by breaking new grounds and redefining inflight experience.

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