1. Accuracy of Information
    CheapBusinessClassTickets.us is an online air ticket booking portal that specializes in providing business class tickets and first class tickets at affordable rates. The team behind this website has always endeavoured to provide air tickets at best price to customers. Still, CheapBusinessClassTickets.us cannot be held accountable or liable directly or indirectly for any discrepancy in the information. The information may or may not be authentic and the accuracy of it cannot be guaranteed by CheapBusinessClassTickets.us. Due to regular changes of rules and regulations in aviation industry it becomes impossible to update each and every information on website. These changes can be brought about by the changes in policies by the airline, aviation industry, government or even CheapBusinessClassTickets.us. It is upto the customer to ascertain the accuracy of information provided on this website.
  2. Liability for loss
    The liability or accountability, of loss or any other kind of harm incurred due to the information provided on this website, will not depend on CheapBusinessClassTickets.us. Any harm inflicted on any person or property cannot be claimed to be a responsibility of CheapBusinessClassTickets.us or its parents, subsidiaries, shareholders, agents, affiliates, employees. In addendum to this the directors and officers cannot be asked for payment of any liability that was caused due to information on this website. We will also not be held accountable for Loss due to any third party including our partners or even the government. In any case of breach of policy or terms of the contract, any misconduct or breach conducted by any of the parties involved, any negligence,  will require a written notice from CheapBusinessClassTickets.us for any returns or refunds. In case the user is provided with a chance to avail an offer or to redeem their money in a specified time period, they must do so or otherwise the whole thing will be cancelled.
  3. Changes in Itinerary
    Changes in travel planning are a continuous occurrence. In such a case you may feel free to alter your travel dates or cancel your tickets depending on the policy of the airline. You cannot demand any refund from us or force us to change your travel dates. The cancellation of tickets and change in travel dates are not in our hands and the rights to do so reside solely in the hands of the airline with which the ticket was booked.
  4. Right To Cancel
    CheapBusinessClassTickets.us reserves all rights to make changes to the tickets of a user in case they identify any discrepancy in the information provided by the user while signing up or while booking the ticket from this website. We have the right to cancel the ticket in such a case or to even refuse to provide our services to certain users who have breached the terms and conditions.
  5. Exchange Fees
    In case of any modification or cancellation of air tickets, the refunds will be subject to the policies of the airlines. User cannot hold CheapBusinessClassTickets.us accountable for providing complete or even partial refund. The amount of refund will usually depend on the time before the inception of flight. In case you missed your flight, you cannot hold this company responsible for negotiating a refund or even another deal on your behalf.
  6. SMS Alerts Authorization
    By accessing this website, it gives rights to Accounts pro and its affiliates to send SMS alerts relating to updates, promotions etc.
  7. Governing Law
    The law that governs CheapBusinessClassTickets.us is the one where the company is based. The agreements and contracts are all constructed on the basis of that law. Only the internal law of this state will be applicable on any document that has been created by us. All the disputes arising around the globe shall all be discussed in a federal court of law and according to the law of the state.
  8. Prices
    Air tickets witness continuous fluctuations in prices and despite having a dynamic website we cannot display each and every second of change. CheapBusinessClassTickets.us will not be held responsible in case of change in prices or even policies by the airlines with which the ticket has been booked. An additional fee will be charged by CheapBusinessClassTickets.us in case of any new booking.
  9. Representation & Warrenties
    All the information provided by you does not have to be completely accurate. By booking your tickets with us, you ensure that you are of or above the legal age for air ticket booking. In case you provide us with a wrong information, you cannot ask us to refund or cancel your ticket. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information so that you may not have to face any difficulty after the tickets have been booked.
  10. Damage and Claims for Refunds
    • Damage Responsibility
      CheapBusinessClassTickets.us cannot be held liable for any indirect or incidental damages that may or may not have been caused due to chance or luck. If any such case arises and you put a claim for refund then you will not be able to take any action or launch any suit after a year from the date on which the claim was registered.
    • Claim of Refunds and Law Followed
      By booking with us you WAIVE CheapBusinessClassTickets.us  ITS RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL.  The prices have been declared after thorough risk analysis and the analysis of fixed and variable costs. Both parties are in agreement as soon as the ticket is booked. The disclaimer, liability and exclusions will all be applicable in case of any claim.
  11. Confidentiality
    User is not allowed to disclose any information that has been deemed confidential by CheapBusinessClassTickets.us. The user shall maintain discreteness in such cases and should not in any case provide this information to any other person through any means. The information can only be disclosed when required by the law and until then should be kept confidential by all the parties in the deal.
  12. Miscellaneous
      CheapBusinessClassTickets.us will not be held responsible for errors caused during ticket booking. The website is prone to errors and these errors can arise while the user is booking their tickets. Any technical glitches during processing cannot be the basis of a claim for refund or cancellation.
      People make mistake and in case any employee or agent of CheapBusinessClassTickets.us  commits a mistake they will rectify it within a provided time frame.
    • Reconfirmation
      It will behoove passengers to reconfirm their bookings 24 hours before the flight. There are many reasons due to which a flight may be cancelled by the airline. In such cases it will be beneficial to check the status of your booking as well as that of the flight.
    • Means of Delivery
      CheapBusinessClassTickets.us does not deliver physical tickets to customers. Instead it delivers copies of the tickets through electronic means like emails.