Top 5 First Class Airlines

For anyone who radiates affluence, first class is the way to commute. Sheer luxury, offered by major airlines, amalgamates a private suite, food prepared by acclaimed chefs and absolute comfort and privacy. Most airlines endeavour to provide the best service and to secure the largest piece of pie. Nothing can corroborate my point better than a microscopic view of the 5 best airlines for first class travel.

These rankings have been provided by Skytrax.

Number 5: Singapore Airlines First Class

Food enthusiasts are in for a treat as Singapore Airlines enables them to pre book their food 24 hours before the flight. Passengers can browse through menus published by notable restaurants and select the dish they love. Ask for food anytime you would want to, their would be chefs ready to delight your taste buds with your foods. Their prompt attendants are always nearby.

Read through a book by adjusting the lights or with your favourite movie on a 24-inch HD-enabled LCD screen. KrisWorld inflight entertainment provides plethora of options to choose from. Passengers can put on their Bose noise cancelling headphones and listen to informative audiobooks.

Number 4: ANA All Nippon Airways First Class

Priority lanes for security check along with priority lanes for baggages makes ANA All Nippon First Class a one stop source for a seamless travel experience. Lounges are elegantly designed to offer comfort and luxury. On board services are at par with the services provided at airport and in lounges. A large amount of space is allocated for each and every passenger. Square cabins provide unprecedented amount of privacy. Avoid paying duties with inflight shopping options. Choose from wide range of global products and services.

Number 3: Air France First Class

Air France has its acclaimed lounges all across the globe. Relax before and after a flght. Stay updated about the world by watching news in HD or admire works from art books. You can also use the Biologique Recherche spa treatment centre. From lounge, you can take a car to your aircraft without incurring any additional expenses. Air France has received the following accolades from SkyTrax:

  • Best First Class Comfort Amenities
  • Best First Class Lounge Dining

The airlines puts in a team effort to ensure their passengers get the best travel experience.

Number 2: Cathay Pacific First Class

While offering private suites and unprecedented amount of space and comfort, Cathay Pacific enables first class passengers to soak in the luxury offered. Additional luggage allowance is a benediction for first class passengers. Being fast tracked through security often delights people. Along with their flagship lounge in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific also enables passengers to enjoy access to their lounges across the world. Their attendants are well versed in the art of asian hospitality. They have also been acclaimed with the award of “Best First Class Airline Lounges.”

Number 1: Etihad Airways First Class

Skytrax has bestowed the following accolades upon Etihad first class:

  • Best First Class Airline Seats
  • Best First Class Airline Catering
  • World’s Best First Class Airlines

These awards are enough to corroborate the success of all their efforts. Sheer luxury and affluence radiates from their first class cabins. Food is prepared to a T by world renowned chefs. For the best bang for every buck, try Etihad.

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